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Mike's All Stars

We're saluting listeners who have achieved a
milestone in life through perseverance and hard
work.  A tip of the hat to those who never give-up!

Chad and Laura have a 3 yr old daughter.  They were going to get
married in November, but a couple of months ago Chad was in a motorcycle accident.  He was hurt so bad he had to wear a halo – one of those things with
the metal spikes that rests against your head, to keep your neck from moving.  First thing the doctor told him was he’d never walk again.

Sure enough, in a couple of weeks he started regaining feeling in his legs
where he was told he would be paralyzed.  His fiancée has practically lived
at the hospital.  And even though he has a long way to go, they decided
to push up the wedding and go ahead and get married.  He even got
to remove the halo just a couple of days before the ceremony
that took place in the chapel at the hospital.

 So, congratulations to Chad and Laura.  Given the strain that kind
of thing can put on a relationship it might have torn them apart,
but instead it brought them closer.


Meet Cody Halsey.  He's my wife's cousin's son.  This 
will introduce you to his family and show you how much he loves sports.  
Nothing is holding him back.  Not even spina bifida.

Doug was diagnosed with Stage 2 prostate cancer January 20, 2011. 
April 20, 2011 - exactly 3 months to the day, he had a radical
laparoscopic prostatectomy and is now "cancer free."  That's a
milestone!   He embraced his cancer battle and got treatment right away. 
If he hadn't we all know what the outcome would have been
 Congratulations Doug, for not giving up and becoming one of
Mike's All Stars!

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